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Tesla is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, especially in the electric vehicle (EV) market. The company has a unique and unconventional business model that sets it apart from other automakers. In this blog post, we will explore how Tesla sells its vehicles differently, using a detailed strategy with proper headings and sub-headings.

Tesla Strategy

Tesla Strategy

Direct Sales

One of the most distinctive features of sales strategy is that it sells directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional franchised dealerships. This allows Tesla to control the entire customer experience, from product development to delivery, and to avoid the conflicts of interest that often arise between manufacturers and dealers. Tesla has created an international network of company-owned showrooms and galleries, mostly in urban centers, where potential customers can learn about the products, see them in person, and arrange for test drives.

Online Sales

Another key aspect of sales strategy is that it enables customers to order their vehicles online, through its website or mobile app. This simplifies the purchase process and reduces the overhead costs associated with physical stores. Customers can customize their vehicles according to their preferences, choose their payment options, and track their order status online. It also offers home delivery or pickup at a nearby location for convenience.

Referral Program

It also leverages its existing customers to generate more sales through its referral program. The program rewards customers who refer their friends and family to buy a Tesla vehicle with various incentives, such as free Supercharging, discounts on accessories, or invitations to exclusive events. The program also benefits the new customers who receive a referral code, as they can enjoy some of the same perks as the referrer. This way, Tesla creates a loyal and engaged customer base that acts as its brand ambassadors.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Tesla’s sales strategy also relies heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, which is one of the most powerful and cost-effective forms of advertising. Company does not spend much on traditional advertising channels, such as TV, radio, or print media. Instead, it focuses on creating buzz and excitement around its products through social media, online forums, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Tesla also uses events, such as product launches, unveilings, or demonstrations, to generate media attention and public interest.

Innovative Designs

Tesla’s sales strategy is also supported by its innovative designs, which make its products stand out from the competition. Tesla’s vehicles are not only environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but also stylish, futuristic, and high-performance. Tesla’s vehicles feature cutting-edge technology, such as Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Capability, Battery Day innovations, Cybertruck design etc., that appeal to customers who value innovation and quality.

Simplified Customer Experience

Sales strategy also aims to provide a simplified and seamless customer experience throughout the entire journey. Tesla eliminates the hassle and complexity of buying a car by offering transparent pricing, flexible financing options, trade-in programs, and online reservations. It also provides post-purchase customer support through its mobile service network, which can perform most repairs on-site or remotely. Tesla also offers software updates over-the-air, which can improve the performance and functionality of its vehicles without requiring a visit to a service center.


Tesla’s sales strategy is different from other automakers in many ways. It sells directly to consumers through its own channels, online and offline. It uses referral programs and word-of-mouth marketing to generate more sales. It offers innovative designs and technology that attract customers who value sustainability and innovation. It provides a simplified and seamless customer experience from start to finish. By following this strategy, it has achieved remarkable success in the EV market and beyond.

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